SourceCorp Australia specialises in the manufacture, procurement and supply of construction-based products direct from China since 2002. The extensive experience of the SourceCorp Australia team both in the building construction industry and years of importing from China ensures that our clients’ needs are fully met.

John Lyons is CEO and founder of the company. SourceCorp Australia has established itself as a one-stop shop working with its customer to manufacture and source products
Proudly Australian-owned SourceCorp Australia operates nationally in alliance with our office and joint venture factories in China. Our team’s knowledge of both Chinese, and international business operations, allows us to successfully import from China and integrate all the elements including international marketing, pricing, products, compliance, service and logistics.

SourceCorp Australia guarantees a seamless supply of products thus eliminating all local wholesale margins/costs and reducing product prices. Allowing you, our customer, to get on with business while still having the advantage of purchasing from China without all the headaches. Offices in China, Tasmania, Melbourne, Auckland, Adelaide, sydney and California.

SourceCorp Australia provides warranty and after-sales service on all its products. All products meet Australian/NZ, CUPC standards and WaterMark Certification where required.

  • Ability to deal directly with the factory
  • An excellent understanding of many different products
  • Full-time English speaking employees in China.
  • Understanding of Australian and other country’s standards very well.
  • Ability to arrange mixed containers of many different products.
  • An excellent understanding of Chinese customs and culture.
  • Ability to arrange everything from sourcing products, negotiating prices and delivery to your door including all documentation.
  • Customers are encouraged to visit our factories so they gain confidence in our company and operations.
  • SourceCorp Australia will take the time to understand your business and its needs to ensure products are made to specification and are compliant with your local regulations.
  • Purchasing directly will save money and time.
  • Australian Standard AS2047
  • Australian Standard AS2047
  • 7 Year Factory Warranty
  • 10 to 15 years powder coating warranty depending on final selection
  • Thermal break window
  • Double-glazing
  • Low e-glass or other high performance glass as specified
  • Custom-made to your requirements

SourceCorp Australia has inspected, tested and vetted hundreds of manufacturers throughout China to identify the best products and factories