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SourceCorp Australia has joined with S&G Spas in China to offer a wide range of high-quality Hot Tubs and Swim Spas direct from the factory.

The factory in Foshan in the south of China 12000SQM has been operating since 2006 and can manufacture 500 units per month. It uses high quality acrylic imported from USA and whirlpool pumps as well as a Balbo control system units can be customised to individual requirements.

As time has proven, hydrotherapy’s positive effects on the body and mind are undeniable.
Hydrotherapy refreshes, massages and invigorates.

In SourceCorp Australia/S&G Spas, water, heat, air and pressure work together to reduce the effects of everyday life – back pain, fatigue and more. SourceCorp Australia/S&G Spas can help relieve arthritis, stress and anxiety, and they’re a healthy way to bring people, families and friends together.